Amazon Sues Third Party Sellers. Amazon FBA Sellers Watch Yourself (Private Label Products Are The Future)

I told you this would happen, I have been saying it for two years on record now. That said this is not brand new but it is ramping up more and more and now Amazon themself seems to be interested in joining the lawsuits to protect themself, again, I said this would happen. Amazon has been under fire for the past few years with products being counterfeit and people selling un authorized products. Well I called this over a year ago in a video I did but now Amazon is joining a few different lawsuits and this is only the beginning.


The Wall Street Journal And CNBC both stated that Amazon is joining lawsuits with companies that are having products sold by 3rd party Amazon FBA sellers and merchant sellers who are directly steeling both intellectual property and patients rights along with counterfeiting. I have been asked for years how I combat this and have personally done training in my Academy where I discuss and do video training on how to NOT fall in to this trap. I also have done several popular Youtube videos including  highly discussed video the death or retail arbitrage which is now 100% all coming true and all the hate has turned to panic. I saw this coming two years ago and went on record stating it. The fact is no reason to panic as if you build your business right you don’t have to worry about all these issues. That said the problem many new sellers are having is how to get started. My coaching requests for my current deal on has been blowing up over the past few days due to people freaking out and worried about the sky falling. In my opinion and prediction eCommerce is at about 2% of where it will be in the next decade and the smart people are all in. That said my disclaimer, learn from an experienced coach, does not have to be me but learn what you are doing before getting sued and do NOT, counterfeit or sell un authorized products. Thats just my take tho, you do what ever you want to do in your business!

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