Marketing Your Product Or Service For FREE! REAL RESULTS: Great For eCommerce And Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is hard enough in this busy world we live in. With that said we also have to navigate this crazy stream of information, some how figure out the good and the bad. People are so over whelmed they don’t know what to do in most cases espically when it come to the topic of marketing. Now this in ANY business should be a massive focus but for some reason people are scared to death of marketing. It’s a dirty word, not as bad as the S word! You know sales! LOL sales and marketing are the life blood of any business and if you want to grow you need to market, you need to get your brand or service in front of people. New people often talk FREE marketing. Is it real? Kinda!


Well for me I’m not a fan of the FREE marketing as it mostly involves a bunch of wasted time for little returns. This said you do have a few option. I don’t me spamming your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram and I don’t mean posting spammy links or lame article submissions that no one reads via 2006 (The good old days). You do have a few tools that are FREE and you can use them to gain an audience and get that dirty little “S” word coming in.


Now keep in mind you do get what you pay for so if you think your going to be some massive marketer or get your brand out to the world for FREE, well I’m sorry but your wrong. Anything is possible but lets get real and talk real business and not hopes and dreams. Forget the marketers who lie to get you to buy fake junk, I’m gonna give you the real skinny.


So what are your options, you know I’m itching to talk PPC or pay per click as thats how I drive hundreds of thousands of clicks to my products and websites. That said I will leave it alone for the sake of this post and only talk FREE.


Disclaimer, many of these sites have a paid version but also at the time I’m writing this a FREE version. I have no control over these sites and they may at some point remove the FREE version.

Buffer App:

An Amazing way to schedule social media posts, the key with social is consistency, the more good quality content the better so use buffer to always stay ahead. I personally use the paid and can schedule dozens of posts at once so I can manage sites like Facebook and Twitter once a week and not wast time daily. GREAT marketing tool and a must have browser extension.

Make awesome graphics, need I say more, espically when your new, graphics are key. You can have them done for you on sites like upwork and fiverr like I do for very affordable prices but this option is the best for beginners. Now these are are great FREE marketing tools for eCommerce and Affiliate marketing, niche websites and more.

If you don’t have a blog or even if you do this is an amazing site. Get in front of people quick with out having to start from scratch.

The FREE option here is very limited, I have used Wistia and Viemo for year to host professional videos like this one HERE So you can have your own branded player and not be on Youtube. Everyone should have marketing videos for a product even if you don’t make them often or are not in them.

Noah has always made AWESOME products and this is no exception, not much to say just check it out and crush it on WordPress, most people host websites on WordPress, I have many myself and this is a massive help. Great free eCommerce marketing tools.

People have used linked in as a professional network for a while, well this is a great networking option. Remember even in the digital age nothing beats networking and word of mouth.


Bonus: YOUTUBE! Make videos often, make videos daily, Make videos and more videos…..I have zhad millions of video views and Podcast downloads all in the name of consistency,  thousands of customers and UNLIMITED FUN!